This program is open to anyone and everyone. If you are interested in learning more about plant-based foods and how to incorporate them into your diet, want to learn some healthy eating habits, or want to just meet some like-minded people, this is for you! 


Jordan and Saskia have been on team vegan for a while now. They have both seen the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and are excited to share their joy of veggies with you. 

To learn more about Dr. Jordan Morton click here  or visit his Instagram page.

To learn more about Saskia, scroll through this website and check out her Saskia Says Instagram page.


6 week introduction to plant-based eating. First 3 weeks will be focused on the plant- based what the heck do you do with tofu, vegan necessities, and day to day vegan eating? 

The following 3 weeks will be focused on holiday plant-based eating. No more just eating sides at the family table - there are endless delicious plant-based meals to be devoured. 

  • Cooking Demos: Weekly 

  • Recipes: 3 recipes weekly for six weeks

  • Community: Online facebook group to share and discuss meals etc

  • Prizes: Once registered you will be entered to win a few treats!


November 9 - December 14, 2020

Each week you will receive 3 plant-based recipes to try.  On Monday nights at 7pm Jordan and Saskia will host a zoom cooking demo reviewing one of the recipes and answering any questions you may have. 


We are passionate about health, our community, this planet and all those who share it - we have been told time and again that eating a plant-based diet is better for our health, better for our environment and of course better for animals. 

For full course, reg open till Nov 9 :

$49 + tax ($51.50 total)

(Part of the proceeds will be going

to RASTA, a local animal sanctuary.) 


Register for the last 3 weeks of holiday plant-based cooking with us! 

$31.50 total 

reg open till Nov 30, 2020

*To register, please email Saskia at and then send etransfer to same address. 





Victoria, BC, Canada