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Saskia Bjornson

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Dr. Jordan Morton

How Long have we been plant-based?

We have both been plant-focused for a long time. Jordan has been vegan for over a decade and Saskia for about 7 years!

What made us go plant-based?

For the endless health benefits, for the animals and for the environment!

Some resources we Recommend: 


"What the health" & "Game Changers"


"How not to die" by Michael Greger &

"Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer


Cooking demos, meal plans, educational info and so much more



Early Bird pricing effective until December 15, 2023

$89 before tax 

*Use coupon code: PLANTS2024 to apply discount rate at checkout

Regular pricing from December 16-January 6

$99 before tax

When &Where

January 7, 2024

1:00 - 3:00pm

Victoria Public Market


Cooking demo & tastings

Meal plans

Educational take home pdf

Q & A with Saskia and Jordan

Giveaway surprises 


We are heading into a new year and this workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about plant-based eating and how fun, delicious and nutritious it can be!

This workshop is open to everyone - if you are fully vegan or if you are just interested in learning more, we would love to have you! 

Limited space available! Don't wait to register!

Past Offerings:


Intro to cooking, recipes and so much more



We are passionate about health, our community, this planet and all those who share it - we have been told time and again that eating a plant-based diet is better for our health, better for our environment and of course better for animals. 


October 4- November 8, 2022

Cooking Demos  & Lectures on Tuesday nights from 7:30-8:45pm(ish) via zoom


This program is for everyone who wants to learn how to incorporate more of a plant-based diet into their lifestyle. This is also a great program for those who are already plant-based and are looking to expand their knowledge in the area.   


Early Bird pricing effective until September 12, 2022:

$199  + tax ($209 total)

Regular pricing from September 13- October 4, 2022:

$250 + tax ($263 total)

Ready to make a change to improve your health, help the environment and save animals? Click here to register!


This 6 week program will be covering the "101 of plant-based eating" - don't know what to do with Tofu? Not sure if you are getting a balanced diet? We will be covering the basics to help you have success in the kitchen. We will also be covering some fun meal ideas, comfort food and meals for athletes. 

Each week we will meet online for cooking demos, recipe review, knowledge-drop about foods & their benefits as well as answering all your questions. You will also receive weekly emails with 3 recipes to try and plant-based information.

Some of the topics we will be covering include: 

This course starts just before Thanksgiving so we will be giving you all the delicious options on how to make a fully plant-based holiday meal that you and your family/friends will enjoy!

We will also be covering plant-based 101 eating, what to do with tofu, and some of our favourite dishes!

Course includes:

  • Cooking Demos: Weekly 

  • Recipes: 3 recipes weekly

  • Community: Online facebook group to share and discuss meals etc

  • Resources: We provide resources of products locally and online as well as educational information.

  • NEW! 1 week plant-based meal plan: You will receive a meal plan that provides you with recipes and nutrition breakdown that gives you an opportunity to try a full week of plant-based eating!

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