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"Saskia is vibrant, fun, inspiring, supportive and knows triathlon!! Saskia has taken my goals and has created a training program that works with my crazy schedule to ensure success. She provides feedback on all workouts  and nutrition. With three months of working with Saskia, I have seen incredible gains in all aspects of triathlon. Thank you for inspiring, supporting and laughing with me through this journey."

~ Kelly

"I’ve been training with Saskia for a year now.  Before I met Saskia I did not know how to swim and within 6 months I was competing in my first Triathlon.  Saskia has a unique way of turning something overwhelming into a fun experience by breaking it down, explaining the importance of technique and making you laugh and smile throughout.  It’s been an awesome year and I look forward to many more with Saskia Says coaching!" 


~ Bonny


"Training with Saskia has been incredibly educational, but also very enjoyable. Even though I'm new to swimming, Saskia has made me feel confident in my progress and comfortable to take on new challenges. Her skills in training are matched by her skills in teaching. I've seen her be successful working with all kinds of people, with a variety of levels, body types and ages. What especially stands out is her honesty and vulnerability regarding her own training progress. She loves watching her students succeed and she celebrates even small accomplishments." ~ Gabriel 

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"I started swim training with Saskia this year. After 4 years of training for triathlon my swim had taken a turn and all my bad habits were taking a toll on my body. I started joining Sunday swims that Saskia lead. I can not stress enough how this helped correct and get me back on track. Saskia took the time to help me and others in the class. Even getting in the pool and showing us how to do something. This helped correct my positioning which improved my swim and stop my back from hurting every swim. The most epic improvement that happened in my swim was at my last race of the season. Years of triathlon and every race my swim start was terrifying. I always panicked to the point of breaststroking or stopping to get my heart rate down. I hated these moments and my goal for my last Tri of the season was to overcome that panic before it happened. Trust me this was an EPIC achievement. I have had many coaches over the years and all have helped me chip away at this but I could not overcome or stop the panic. I could only address it after. Thanks to Saskia's never ending positivity, tips, practices and all around supportive attitude I conquered my panic before it overtook me. I know that the panic will come but I also know that I have the power to  "take control" of it. Two words Saskia gave me that have changed my life in training and carried over into other aspects of my life. I am looking forward to more amazing coaching with her in the future."  ~ Tanya

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