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Give it a Tri

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I have a Bachelor Degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership and have been active in a variety of sports my whole life - both at a recreational and competitive level.  Living an active lifestyle has always been a priority for me and motivating others to incorporate movement into their daily lives is one of my passions.


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Looking for a fun and challenging workout? Come join our community!

With dedicated instructors and experienced swimmers, we will push you to reach your goals while still having fun. Our group swims will help you improve your technique, build endurance, and increase your overall swim performance. Participants must be able to swim 100 meters continuously in order to join the group. Come join us!


Looking For A beginner Tri

saskia says Beginner tri

A welcoming, supportive and fun triathlon experience. Who knows, you might love it and be ready to sign up for amazing local races after!

Level 1: beginner tri clinic

Our 8 week Beginner Triathlon Clinic is the perfect way to get started in the sport of triathlon! 


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